Real Deal Tour

Our Property Tours are the BEST way, we found that YOU can learn from investors doing deals... LOCALLY!  We are a community, who pay it forward, to help those who are inspired by building Wealth in Real Estate. 

How Students Get Deals Get DONE
 Using our education workshops and community resources, the Sacramento Business Development Group®, money, active investors, and property acquisitions, a deal is put together where everyone in the community learns from each other.  By doing this, one persons success helps others overcome there fears of doing there 1st Deal.  

What will you learn?
 Finding Properties that lend themselves to HUGE discounts is a skill. On the tour we teach about just how we locate a property like this, how to evaluate what is necessary for a rehab and where to find the funds to do the entire deal. If you have been wanting to learn how to prosper from this market, where property is ON SALE and position yourself for an early retirement, its time to join us on the Real Deal Real Estate Tour.

Come Learn from Investors who are working on their deal right now.  


Over 200 plus Properties Closed

Address: Rio Linda, CA     Profit after Expenses: $54,635


Address: Sacramento, CA     Profit after Expenses: $38,697